The Men of Honor is an initiative of God’s chosen men, purposed to magnify God’s compelling vision within  Solid Rock  and the entire Phoenix Community. Our primary objective is to be support system, wisdom tank, visionaries and dynamic facilitators for the church while upholding  the highest integrity and God’s glory amongst men. The Men of Honor is committed to being the Christian Warriors, husbands, dads and citizens that they should be.


The Women of Vision is a ministry with the aim of helping women move deeper into their relationship with God and to minister to the hurting, depressed and those in need. We teach our women the ways and standards of God and how to become women of substance and relevance in our homes and in the society.


Also called ABLAZE: This ministry was created to help young adults, singles and married grow in their spiritual , career, social and personal lives, so that they can develop into vibrant children of God. Also to encourage fellowship and relationship between members and to create an atmosphere where like minded young adults can connect with Christ and make heaven


This is an intercessory group that focuses mainly on praying for ministry needs and also personal needs. This prayer army meets to pray on Mondays-Fridays @ 6:00AM-7:00AM through teleconference @ 623-349-1909. Subscribers of T-Mobile and Metro PCS should dial (857) 957-1144 first to avoid incurring charges.



The outreach ministry encourages and equips people to share their faith to others and encourage people to develop a personal relationship with God. This ministry also meets the physical needs of members and non-members alike through food donation on a regular basis. The ministry also extends care to the needy families who are just moving to the phoenix metropolis to help them achieve a state of self-sufficiency.


This is the teen ministry whose mission is to encourage teens to grow spiritually and socially. The peculiar people provide an avenue for teenagers to discover their faith in Christ, express themselves in various areas of interests such as music, dance, etc. This group also seeks to utilize each teen with the purpose of identifying and developing their God-given gifts and talents.


This is our children’s ministry from ages 0-12. Our mission is to develop the lives children spiritually and morally so that these children can make a positive impact on their peers for Jesus Christ. This ministry focuses on winning the children for Christ. It teaches children basic tenets in the word of God such as obedience, forgiveness and patience. Events are regularly planned to include trips, holiday parties and talent shows.